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Flours for domestic use


Authenticity, goodness and satisfaction with excellent results. This means choosing Paolo Mariani Mill products for the home: a range of flours to suit every desire: pasta, bread, sweets and more.
In the kitchen you will be able to express yourself to the full with our quality flours, which combine flavour, naturalness and lightness.

“To develop a completely new and totally Italian flour, having the same characteristics as Manitoba, and thus realising the full potential of our region”.


This is what has driven the Paolo Mariani Mill to create, for the first time, “MANITALY”: a flour with the same quality of the Canadian Manitoba variety, but which is entirely Italian at heart.
MANITALY incorporates the value of local tradition, not only in its name, but also in the triple role played by the production chain:

  • Development of the territory and enhancement of local producers.



  • Avoidance of excessive transportation times at uncontrolled temperatures that cause the development of mycotoxins, which are harmful to human health.



  • The product’s origin avoids excess energy consumption caused by sourcing from a distant country such as Canada.


Health, Environment and Quality.
These are the concepts which have inspired the creation of MANITALY and which represent the commitment, research and constant attention of the Paolo Mariani Mill.

MANITALY WHOLEMEAL FLOUR is the result of a desire to develop 100% wholemeal flour, richer in fibre and more digestible, fully following the philosophy of the Manitaly supply chain that incorporates the value of local land tradition by aiming at strong, all-Italian grains.

Following the culture of northern European mills (wholemeal product experts) we focused our research on developing, for the first time in Italy, ‘tuttocorpo’ (wold-body) wholemeal flour by exploiting the quality of wheat grains to the full.

Manitaly Wholemeal Flour contains all the best nutrients that nature provides: fibre, vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, and much more. These ingredients, naturally contained in bran, the aleuronic layer and wheat germ, are not separated from the flour during the milling process, rather they are milled together using a special process designed and developed by Paolo Mariani and family.


More fibre, more taste, more digestible: these are the elements that make MANITALY WHOLEMEAL FLOUR unique!

Type 2 Base

Flour obtained from the Marche region’s best wheats, whose extraction takes place through intermediate milling stages in which a high fibre, naturally less refined, product is obtained.

Ideal for focaccia, pizza, bread … the great taste of a bygone era!


Technical characteristics


230 – 250


0,55 – 0,60

A flour specially designed by the maestro Giuliano Pediconi to provide, in a single solution, a truly professional product for those who want to prepare pizza at home in the most traditional way, or to make genuine and light bread with simple, natural ingredients, and having the great taste from a bygone era.
The use of the best Marche region wheats, which are carefully selected and subjected to light grinding, results in a flour that ensures dough elasticity and considerable rising tolerance, for a crisp and crumbly product.


Technical characteristics


210 – 220


0,55 – 0,60

A flour ideal for the preparation of different types of sweet doughs, whether they are dry, friable or fluffy, thus guaranteeing quality results for every occasion.
This extremely light flour is made ​​from an extraordinary Marche region wheat that is rich in starch, with just the right protein content. It is therefore able to readily absorb the fat of the dough and produce a great tasting, crispy product, typical of Italian confectionery.


Technical characteristics


160 – 180


0,45 – 0,55


An exceptional, granular and well-balanced flour obtained by special grinding processes of the Paolo Mariani Mill and therefore able to maintain optimum hydration during kneading.
Its particularly low ash content maintains the pasta’s light colour, even when frozen.
Ideal for all types of fresh pasta, excellent for gnocchi, machine made fresh pasta and for giving surface roughness to pastas dressed with sauces.


Durum wheat semolina obtained from selected durum wheats and suitable for the making of pasta, breads and focaccia. The high quality of proteins and the uniform grain size enable to develop the organoleptic features of the final product.


Technical characteristics

Proteins d.m.

Min. 12.0%

Gluten d.m.

Resistant, min. 10.0%


Max. 0.45%


White: min. 23

Ash d.m.

Max. 0.90%


Max. 15.5%