PAOLO MARIANI launches the Marche region’s first real agrifood production chain, in which all the protagonists are finally from the Marche region.

It is a path that produces a food that goes from the land to the table, punctuated by precise stages in which numerous key players have an active role:

– the LOCAL FARMER grows high quality wheat for which he is paid a fair price;

– the MILL turns the wheat into flour near the field where it was harvested;

– the ARTISAN produces a good and genuine product;

– the CONSUMER eats and appreciates the end product. A unique and special product…obtained thanks to    the passion of all of us in the Marche region!

follow our supply chain !

Molino Mariani Paolo agrarian company

The agricultural history of the Mariani family of the Barbara Municipal District began in 1987 when Urbano and

Paolo could not resist the temptation to purchase the renowned ‘Bugaro agricultural estate’, a nickname given to

the farmer who worked this land under a share cropping agreement. It was a beautiful estate of 22 hectares (about

54 acres), with a nice farmhouse located right in front of the Mill owned by Paolo and Urbano Mariani.


Once, this agricultural estate allowed 7 families belonging to the 7 Bugaro brothers to earn their living.

The brothers married and lived here together in the same farmhouse, working the land with their families.



The agricultural estate was auctioned by IRAB (Assistance and Charity Unified Institutes).


All participants waited for the second auction to buy the agricultural estate at a lower price, thinking that no

bidders would participate to the first auction. However, the entrepreneurial instinct of Urbano and Paolo suggested

them to participate to the first auction to prevent a possible outbidding (resulting in an increase in the original

purchase price). The facts proved them right, and they were the only participants to the auction, thus gaining the

agricultural estate at a great price!



In 1997, the Mariani agrarian company purchased a second agricultural estate: a beautiful 16 hectares hilly land

(about 45 acres), located in the neighbouring municipality of Castelleone di Suasa.  This agricultural estate was

expanded over the years up to cover 22 hectares of land.

In 2008, the third largest agricultural estate of the Mariani company was added.  Paolo in fact, for years had been

pursuing the dream of purchasing this prestigious 70 hectare agricultural estate (about 173 acres), located on a hill

in front of the beautiful Medieval village of Corinaldo, just a few steps from the Molino. Since the agricultural

estate was owned by an old noble family who run into financial disaster, it was then auctioned. As for the first time,

Paolo decided to participate to the first auction to prevent any competition thus obtaining the estate at a great price

once again.



In 2012, Paolo Mariani, who had already become an agricultural entrepreneur, decided to further expand the

family farm, strongly believing that the only reliable investment for the future is land.  Thus, he purchased the

fourth agricultural estate, a 30-hectare hilly land (about 74 acres), located the near Municipality of Montecarotto.



Today, the Mariani farm, together with other smaller land lots purchased over the years, owns over 150 hectares

(about 370 acres) of land all just a few steps from the Molino and under the watchful eye of Paolo!


Family values and traditions combined with the extraordinary potential for the cultivation of wheat in their land,

made the Molino Paolo Mariani more and more solid and competitive in the global market, in particular thanks to

the research and development of new varieties of soft wheat for bread-making and the cultivation techniques

implemented throughout the lands.
However, the achievement of quality is never ending and the family of Paolo Mariani keeps investing its efforts and

resources on the farm to provide to the always more demanding and scrupulous consumers a good, local and low

environmental impact product!