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The Molino Paolo Mariani revives the outstanding figure of Eurysaces, a baker/bread master of the Roman Empire, with a new and wide range of flours, cereal flakes, and aromatic seeds suitable for different uses.

Dedicated to professionals of the art of baking willing to rediscover the genuine taste of the past.




Bread was always present at the Romans’ tables, and various types of bread were made, according to its use and the social class of consumers.

Bakeries and bakers worked non-stop, and the possibility of emancipation attracted slaves, who worked with no limitations of working hours and accepted a very low wage.

One of the strongest and most skilled bakers surely was Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, a former slave of Greek origins. Because of his hard work (at that time the baker was considered one of the most extreme and hard jobs!) and his great passion, he became a contracting baker both for the State and for the entire population. For the latter, bread was a fundamental element of subsistence.