The quality of the “Manitoba” flour, the taste of Italian wheat


Develop a completely new and wholly Italian flour

Why Manitaly


“To develop a completely new and totally Italian flour, having the same characteristics as Manitoba, and thus realising the full potential of our region”.


This is what has driven the Paolo Mariani Mill to create, for the first time, “MANITALY”: a flour with the same quality of the Canadian Manitoba variety, but which is entirely Italian at heart.
MANITALY incorporates the value of local tradition, not only in its name, but also in the triple role played by the production chain:


–           Development of the territory and enhancement of local producers.
–           Avoidance of excessive transportation times at uncontrolled temperatures that cause the development of mycotoxins, which are harmful to human health.
–           The product’s origin avoids excess energy consumption caused by sourcing from a distant country such as Canada.


Health, Environment and Quality.
These are the concepts which have inspired the creation of MANITALY and which represent the commitment, research and constant attention of the Paolo Mariani Mill.


The idea of recreating the Manitoba variety, also in Italy, a flour with exceptional breadmaking features, also arises from our desire to resolve all those problems associated with logistics and importation. Acquiring Manitoba wheat means using a raw material from Canada, after being transported in container ships for at least 30 days, in temperatures that are difficult to control, and which therefore may cause the development of mycotoxins that are harmful to human health, as well as excess energy consumption. All of these factors and problems are eliminated by taking advantage of our precious land, i.e. producing a wheat grown on our land: this not only gives us the opportunity to have more control over the raw material, but also the possibility for local farmers to be appreciated.

1- 25 KG

The Manitaly production chain


In 2014 the Manitaly project has been added to our production chain, by selecting some trusted agricultural companies to which we make the wheat seed available and with which they follow a certain production control.


Manitaly is based on a mix of high quality rheological soft wheats with high protein content and farinographic stability. The wheats belong to the qualitative classes of the Superior Breadmaking Wheats (SBW) and Strong Wheats (W) that have been selected by Paolo Mariani after years of research carried out in his farm.


The quality of these grains has allowed the attainment of a flour of great strength and stability that is suitable for the production of bread, pizza, focaccia and pastries with long rising times. Professionals, but also amateurs and baking enthusiasts, can use it in their recipes and bring a good, healthy, genuine and 100% Italian product to their dining tables.


Every season is subject to atmospheric events that affect the entire ecosystem; as a consequence, nature will always offer a different grain quality with every harvest. This is why our studies renew every year, with the aim to find out – for each farm year – the varieties having the best features, so as to identify an excellent Manitaly blend to be milled all year round.

To us, this is a pleasure that keeps happening every time, and that results in our willingness to accept what nature is offering us, making it nobler through our work.

A unique feeling, yet one that is in constant evolution.