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We like to think that Mazì is, indeed, an eccentric character, able to narrate his long journey in faraway and colourful lands, rich in different cultures and fragrances.

Mazì represents a thought, a movement, a different way of thinking about the products that will characterize our future, in which everything is played according to the laws of nature, of our territory and of the climatic conditions of our region: Le Marche.


From a collection of over 2,000 varieties from all over the world, Molino Paolo Mariani has given life to an experimental cultivation in which this set of seeds – ‘Mazì’ in Greek – is cultivated in a completely spontaneous way, without any human intervention, leaving to Mother Nature – together with the territorial local conditions – the task to carry out a natural selection, and to offer us a new, unique and innovative reality. In a few words: Mazì.





– Adapt crops to climate change;

– Return seed control to the farmers’ hands;

– Increase bio-diversity;

– Eat healthier food;

– The craftsman goes back to face a constantly changing raw material, according to the diverse attributes of each harvest year. The craftsman, then, becomes part of an “active supply chain” whose aims are the integration of all craft skills, innovation and land development.